"Whisk & Beaker is my hobby bakeshop, which is located near Boston, MA. The name marries two of the things I love: baking (represented by the whisk), and science (represented by the beaker). By day, I work as an analytical chemist in the heart of Boston’s biotech center. I have a Master of Science from UW-Madison in Organic Chemistry and a Master of Science in Forensic Chemistry from Boston University. By night, I bake to my heart’s content! A student for life, I am always trying out new recipes on my unsuspecting (and grateful!) co-workers. My specialty is royal icing sugar cookies, but I have done a bit of everything from fondant cakes, character cupcakes, sandwich cookies, macarons, and more! My shop is currently open for orders from friends and family only. Please feel free to send an email inquiry to the address below.

Thanks for stopping by!